7 Oral Sex Positions You Need In Your Life

7 Oral Sex Positions You Need In Your Life

Oral sex is considered to be a safer way not to get pregnant and also a great way to satisfy each other. This sex position often happens during foreplay, or if one needs to be aroused enough to perform. More frequently, this happens to a man who can’t satisfy his woman, or his woman is having a low sex drive.

Oral sex is best performed when the high level of trust between partners is already present. When you are confident and already know the physique of your partner, proposal of new and wide range of oral sex positions will not be difficult to inject. Yes, oral sex has a wide range of positions that are surely fun, new and exciting.

Here are the seven oral sex positions you need in your life:

Train Position

If your woman is too shy that you will perform an oral sex on her, have her get on all her fours. Her head should be slightly back, arms are straight, and her palm should be her support. Spread her legs and lay in between her legs. Hold on her hips and make sure that her crotch is just a few centimetres away from your mouth, then perform the oral. She will not see your face and how you do it, all she will think about is how arousing your performance is.


This oral sex position is so intimate and classy at the same time. The man and the woman lies sideways on each other with their legs slightly bent at their knees. The man slightly lifts his partner’s one leg getting access to her crotch. The woman can do things on her partner’s private part and thighs while her man is performing oral on her.


If you are tired of doing 69, this position is an innovative way of doing it. This is a very convenient way because the woman just needs to lie on her back while her two legs are raises straight up high. The tricky part is that the woman needs to take her ankle with her hands and drive her two legs apart while pressing them on her body. Not all women can do this, but you can always try. The man sits down on her knees, legs apart so the woman’s head will be between them and almost reaching his penis with her mouth. The man, on the other hand, hugs the back of his partner not allowing her to completely lay on her back, and so to give him full access on her crotch.


Given the situation that both of you are tired, but you, woman, still wants to have sex, then perform a soldier sex position on your partner to keep him alive. While your man is laying on his back, you can lie at the bottom of his belly, caress his penis and do a blowjob. Watch the mighty organ comes alive once again.


Men love oral sex as much as women do. You can treat your partner an oral sex while he is lying on his back and relaxing by getting his legs raise up high and legs apart while supporting them with his hands. Sit in front of him, lean forward, put your hand to his penis, make mouth movements, play his penis until it gets hard again.


In this oral sex position, the woman lies on her side, with one of her legs slightly bend on her knees and her other legs lifted up high supported by her hands. The man lies on his side as well, his head on her thigh, and with his mouth and one hand he can caress his partner’s crotch.

Forbidden Fruit

This oral sex position is same with Doggie style, but the only difference is that instead of a penis, the man’s mouth will take on the woman’s crotch. The woman is on her knee-elbow position and her legs are slightly apart. The man kneels between the woman’s legs and leans forward. This will give her a shivering pleasure because the clitoris is wide open to be stimulated and played to.

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