Scientific Ways To Boost Your Attractiveness To Men

Scientific Ways To Boost Your Attractiveness To Men

There’s always the argument that says ‘just be authentic and be yourself’ and while authenticity is an important character of a person, there’s a part of that mentality that lets us off the hook a little bit from growing, improving and becoming more of who we’re meant to be. This is what this article is all about – How can you take who you are and amplify it to become an even more attractive version of you.

Is there a way that you can actually do to boost your level of attractiveness to someone that you desire? Let’s find out what science had to say about this subject. But at this point, let’s focus on the things that you could actually control – simple scientific ways to become more attractive to the man you desire.

Low Laugh Threshold – Journal of Evolution and Human Behavior

The Journal of Evolution and Human Behavior published an article in a study found out that men were attracted to women who were receptive to their humor. Men have a deep desire to have their thoughts respected. So, when you’re in a conversation with someone and a man puts out a joke and you laugh at it, you’re now connecting on a deeper level. Increase the level of attractiveness by putting yourself in a low laugh threshold state where you’re laughing more easily, having a great time and connecting with the person that you’re interested in.

Smiling – Journal Of Neuropsychology

There’s a research study done in the Journal Of Neuropsychology where they found out that when someone sees a smiling face, it activates an area in their orbital frontal cortex in the brain that it stimulates to receive a reward. In other words, when someone smiles at us, we feel this boost of feeling a reward, plus in return, the person who smiles releases the neuropeptides in their body, a whole mixture of feel-good chemicals that put themselves in a better mood. If you want to boost your attractiveness with someone else, relax and smile and you will bring a reward to them and feel-good chemicals to you both.

Honesty – Journal Of Research and Personality

The Journal Of Research and Personality conducted a study where they showed to men these photos of women with different personality traits and had them ranked their degree of attractiveness. The one quality that stood out among all the other qualities especially for men who wanted a long-term relationship was HONESTY. Thus, men found honesty in women as a very attractive trait. One way to demonstrate your honesty is when you communicate your standards and boundaries with confidence.

Mirroring – Journal of Eye Perception

There’s a study done in the Journal of Eye Perception where men literally found women more attractive that mirrored the same body positions as they were holding. As human beings, we tend to like people who are like us and this is how we feel connected with them. So, one way that you can build rapport with your man is to mirror his body position. Doing so will help him feel more connected to you.

Essentially, there are a whole lot of things that you can do to actually increase your degree of desirability. Start with the above scientific ways and step out your door today being more confident and attractive.

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